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The Next 25

The work of the Wantage Branch continues, not only on maintaining what has already been achieved but working on new projects as they arise.  Currently they are waiting to start work on rebuilding the Childrey Bridleway Bridge.  A temporary bridge has already been installed, and they are now waiting for the plans for the new bridge to be finalized.


You do not need any skills to join Them - just enthusiasm (and a sense of humour).

They also need people with skills, in particular building, surveying, planning and management experience to ensure that our work parties are as efficient and as safe as everyone would expect.

If you don't fancy getting stuck in the mud(!), then They also need fund raisers, publicists and social event organizers. Sack House Museum helpers are also needed.

Whilst the full restoration of the Wilts & Berks is a long and complicated project, rebuilding the waterway from Wantage to the River Thames at Abingdon is an achievable goal in a shorter time span.  They already have the newly constructed Jubilee Junction to aim at.



There is plenty to keep them busy. A flight of six locks down from Grove, the two locks at Ardington plus another three or four locks down to the junction.  There are several country accommodation bridges that will need to be constructed, but they are fortunate in not having too many roads to cross.